Live The Life You Always Wanted With BitLife- Life Simulator

Growing up as children, we are given the aspiration that we can do whatever we want in life. Many of us had wild dreams ranging from being an astronaut to creating our own amusement park. As we grew up and settled into the reality around us, we became more grounded, our goals and aspirations became more realistic.

Our current lives are a direct result of the choices we made in the past; the kind of things we did as children made us who we are today. But what if you wanted to do things a little differently, maybe instead of going to college, you wanted to quit education and become a venture capitalist, or maybe even tread on a path of vices and take up a life of crime?

BitLife- Life Simulator is a story-based life simulator that uses text prompts to give you updates as you progress through the game. The game is very comprehensive in the world-building aspect, with you being able to control several aspects of your characters life as they age each year.


BitLife- Life Simulator has a very simple style of gameplay that is easy to understand and learn quickly. When loading up a new game, you are given the simple choice of choosing a country for your character to be born in. The game spans worldwide with most countries being available as choices. The country that you choose for your character is very important as it will determine the situations and choices offered later.

Upon choosing the country of your choice, your character is given a name from the common names used in the country. You are given information like your socio-economic status, the names of your parents and their occupations. The way to progress in the game is to press the” age” button, which makes your character age by one year.

As you move through your infant years and into your childhood and teenage years, you are given choices pertaining to school, your education, your relationships and friendships. You soon reach the end of high school and are given the choice of going to college and choose the subjects you wish to study. As you move through college, you can make choices that will determine the d=structure of your adult life.

The whole game is determined by these choices, you could study and become a successful surgeon, or make questionable choices and become a Narcos style drug lord. And while your life is taking shape, you could choose to settle down, get married and have kids, or choose to live the bachelor life.

The game eventually comes to an end when your character dies, either due to natural causes, or as a result of your choices, at which point you can start another playthrough.


  • The game is made by Candywriter LLC and is built around the Unity game engine.
  • The game is intricately designed with factors like the region you live In and your lifestyle choices playing a part in the gameplay.
  • The game is available on both iOS and Android platforms and is free to download.

Game Features

  • The game lets you live out an entire lifetime and explore the various outcomes possible based on your choices.
  • The game is regularly updated on iOS and Android, bringing new features and interactions.
  • The game has numerous built-in minigames that are unlocked as the character progresses through life and takes up occupations.
  • The game has an active community on Reddit, with over 60,000 members, providing lots of community interaction.


We cannot turn back time, the choices we have made in our lives are final and we can only think back to the different things we could have done. However, BitLife- Life Simulator lets you have a taste of what could have been if you had made different choices. Maybe you could have become a famous actor or landed up in prison. The game lets you explore the different possibilities and lets you do so multiple times.

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